How to install an external disk in Windows 10 installed applications

It is possible that on your computer with Windows 10 have a storage disk that does not offer a large capacity, something that is quite common if the type you have installed is SSD (since its price is higher). If you are staying without space, it is possible to solve this by moving applications. We show how to do this.

Obviously, the installation of traditional applications can be done on different disks, even external ones that offer a good operation and without a decrease in performance. But this, by default, is not possible with UWP type developments (Universal Windows platform), since these are installed in the same place where the operating system is and, unfortunately, it is not possible modify it. But, yes, there is a trick to change this once it is already available in Windows 10.

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In this way, you can send developments such as Telegram or Spotify (if they have been installed from the Windows store) to an external disk and, thus, free up space in which you have Windows 10. And, this, sure it is a true lifeguard for those who use equipment where storage is not exactly the best of virtues. And also all this has no risk since the process is carried out with the tools of the Microsoft operating system.

Steps to move UWP applications in Windows 10

Next, we indicate what has to be done in the software of the North American company to execute the action that allows to free up space in the computer and, as it is verified, to obtain it is so simple as fast. These are the steps to take:

  • The first thing is connect external drive to the Windows 10 computer and check that there is free space to send the applications (you can be a disk as such and even a USB flash drive)
  • Now open the Configuration Windows 10 and, among the available options you have to use Applications
  • Wait for the installed ones to complete and look for the one you want to move. Click on it and new options appear. You must click on the button named Move
  • A new window appears in which it is possible choose external disk in which you want to copy the development, and you must remember to always have it connected so that it works correctly
  • This done, you have to click on the button Move and he hopes that the process will be completed … it doesn't take long
  • You will have finished and you have not lost any data or changed the configuration of the application

A simple way to manage storage and free up internal disk space of the computers that use the Windows 10 operating system. Do you think this is a good option for the Microsoft operating system?

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