Intel Core m3 and Windows 10

After almost a year of the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, the Chinese brand would have the renewal of the tablet in hand. Oriented to Windows 10 without being able to discard an Android version or dual boot.

Presentation drums sound in Xiaomi. Nothing new, on the other hand, that the pace of novelties that the Chinese brand has accustomed us to is printing. Not only on devices of all kinds, also specifically on mobile devices. Without being lavished on tablets, the last one launched has been in the market for more than a year. So it's time to renew it, that seems like Xiaomi thinks.

The new Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 would come with Windows 1st

It is not the first time that Xiaomi has released a Windows-compatible tablet, that Mi Pad 2 itself was able to install the windows operating system (and had its version with Windows). Although this time they would go a little further launching the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 only with Windows 10. At least according to the presentation that has been filtered, from which its characteristics sheet emerges.

  • 9.7 ”IGZO screen. 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution, with 264 pixels per inch.
  • Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor, 14 nanometers, 64 bits, Dual Core at 2.6 GHz.
  • 8 GB of LPDDR3 RAM.
  • 128/256 GB of internal memory.
  • 16 megapixel rear camera. 8 megapixel front.
  • 8,290 mAh battery
  • Windows 10 Home Edition.
  • USB Type-C connector.
  • 380 grams of weight.
  • Measures: 239.5 x 164.5 x 6.08 mm.

The design follows the line of the previous Mi Pad. Body of straight lines, rounded corners and aluminum construction. Thinner than its predecessors: 6.08 mm thick. Also more powerful, how could it be otherwise. Better quality camera and larger size for final photos. It also goes up in battery: of the 6,190 mAh of the Mi Pad 2 we go to the 8,290 mAh of this supposed Xiaomi MiPad 3.

According to the photos of the filtered presentation, this tablet will come with Windows 10. It would not surprise us that Xiaomi offered a version with Dual boot where MIUI 8 is located, although it is too early to know. An Android-only version with less RAM and storage would also be possible.

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

It will only come out in China, we don't have to wait until it finally shows up. Of course, the prices that are shuffled are quite low according to the final features of the tablet: 273 euros (1999 yuan) for the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 128GB and 314 euros (2,299 yuan) for the 256GB model. Always taking into account that they are approximate prices and that, like the tablet itself, they are not confirmed. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 would have its own keyboard with a cost of 13.51 euros (99 yuan)

Via TechTablets