It's time for betas! Apple releases new betas of iOS 12.4, macOS Catalina and watchOS

The apple company has just released new trial versions for developers, and some for beta testers. In this way, the developers Now you can download the seventh beta of iOS 12.4, the fourth beta of macOS Catalina and the sixth beta of watchOS 5.3. These trial versions arrive a week after Apple released the latest trial versions of its operating systems.

As we told you a few days ago, these are expected to be the latest beta versions of these versions of iOS, watchOS and macOS. If you are a developer and you have any previous beta installed, you can upgrade to these new trial versions through the Settings application as if you were updating a stable iOS.

The news that arrives in these OS

Among the novelties that will arrive with iOS 12.4 we have the launch of the Apple Card in the United States, because this card needs precisely this version of iOS to work. iOS 12.4 may be one of the latest updates to the iOS 12 operating system, as Apple makes the transition to iOS 13, which will be released in September.

On the other hand, no major developments have yet been discovered in watchOS 5.3, so possibly this version of the operating system focus on bug fixes and performance improvements.

Finally, as for the macOS Catalina update, this version eliminates the iTunes application and divides it into music, podcast and TV applications. Apple Music and Apple Podcasts applications are available now, while the Apple TV application arrive later this year. The three new applications offer features very similar to iTunes, but they are divided by function. In this fourth beta of macOS Catalina, Apple warns that developers will have to wait for Xcode 11 Beta 4 if they work with SwiftUI.

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