Mediaset bets on paid streaming: Slvame, Survivors …

Content streaming has become the favorite form of audiovisual entertainment for many users. Services like HBO or Netflix have become something everyday and others such as DAZN or Prime Video, from Amazon, are also becoming known options.

It was a matter of time that Spanish audiovisual companies also opted for it, beyond offering their content with advertising in their own applications and web pages.

Mediaset, the owner of channels like Tele Cinco, has announced the launch of MiTele Plus, your paid streaming service.

Programs and series without advertising

The most striking proposal of this new application is that you can watch the programs and series of the company without any advertising, as happens on Netflix or HBO.

In return, obviously, we will have to pay a monthly fee, which in this case amounts to 2.5 euros per month or 25 euros per year. The cost is low compared to other services, but we cannot compare the content type of one application and the others.

MiTele Plus It is a variant of MiTele, a free app that has been in the market for six years.

From July 22

This new service will premiere on July 22 and we can register in, the service access portal.

The Mediaset service can be used through this web portal in a desktop browser or in mobile applications. Later it can also be used on Smart TVs.

It remains to be seen if there is room for such a proposal at a time when subscription fatigue threatens even giants like HBO or Netflix, especially before the arrival of Disney Plus ..