Motorola One Action: first video impressions

Today we had an appointment with the manufacturer to show us all the details of the Motorola One Action. Said and done, the firm has made it official. And now, we bring you our first impressions on video after trying this device. Don't miss our contact with the Motorola One Action

At the aesthetic level we find a phone that offers a design very similar to that of the Motorola One Vision. With that signature style, we have nothing to object to in this regard. The phone is well built, has a fingerprint reader on the back, in addition to a camera integrated in the screen to offer a different look to the terminals that bet on notch.

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Another detail that we liked comes with the fact that, despite having a diagonal of 6.3 inches the device has quite measured dimensions, being able to use it quite comfortably. In summary, The Motorola One Action meets aesthetically, but how is it at the hardware level?

First impressions of the Motorola One Action: technical features and camera

In this section we will find some very interesting surprises. To start, it has a processor Samsung Exynos 9609,the same as the Motorola One Vision, along with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of expandable storage through its microSD card slot. And eye, that its memory is UFS, so we will enjoy a remarkable power.

Another detail, within the characteristics of Motorola One Action, which we liked the most is its battery. It has 3,500 mAh battery, more than enough to offer a good performance on such a device. In summary, we can say that this model comes with a very balanced hardware. Also, have NFC It is a detail that we liked.

Ms if we consider that the Motorola One Action works with Android One A decision more than right as it guarantees us 2 years of updates and 3 years of security patches. We cannot forget its 6.3-inch screen with Full HD + resolution that has left us feeling very good.

Your IPS panel exceeds expectations. Ms if we take into account its 21: 9 format that offers the possibility of enjoying multimedia content in higher quality. Although, the great strength of this model comes with its photographic section. The Motorola One Action camera It will surprise you.

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To start, the phone arrives with a support to be able to put it on our bicycle. Why? Because Motorola wants to stand up to GoPro, offering a sports model that can record moving videos with high quality. And, its wide-angle sensor has 117 degrees and with the "video in action" mode, it offers very stable results. A real achievement considering that it is a mid-range phone.

In addition, the photographs we have been testing have left us with very good feelings. Now, we must perform a more thorough test of the terminal to see how it behaves, but in the absence of a Motorola One Action analysis, for now the ratings have been more than positive.