Netflix confirmed the launch of a new exclusive economic subscription plan for smartphones

Netflix has just released its financial results for the second quarter of 2019. And in a letter addressed to its investors, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, confirmed that during the third quarter of 2019 they will launch a new subscription plan, which will allow consume streaming content from a smartphone or tablet.

This is not the first time we heard about this "Mobile" plan for NetflixIn November 2018, the company began a series of tests in Malaysia and other emerging countries, which now served to make the decision to launch it officially, although initially it did not reach the entire world.

New "Mobile" Plan for Netflix initially in India

According to Netflix, this new plan will only allow customers to view content from only one mobile device at a time, be it a smartphone or tablet. The transmission quality will be under a resolution 480p and how attractive the price is, since "being cheaper" than the platform's entry plan.

Until now, Netflix has not confirmed the price of this new "Mobile" plan, but it is believed that it could be half the price of your basic plan, that is, less than 4 dollars.

The launch of this plan will be initially in India, since the idea is to capture a greater number of new users in a region where the ARPU (average income per user) of the pay TV is below five dollars, so this bet will boost the consumption of content at low cost , the company explained.

Netflix does not rule out in the future launching this plan in other countries, although that will depend on their tests and analysis after the launch in India.

For the moment we were released more details about this plan. For example, it is not known whether transmission methods such as AirPlay or Chromecast can be used to view content on a TV, or if it can be viewed from a laptop or computer.

Here the important thing is to know the response of the public, since Netflix ensures that in India there is a market for these types of subscription plans, but we must see what happens in the rest of the countries. Undoubtedly an interesting strategy more now that the onslaught of new streaming services is coming.

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