revealed its characteristics and design

Yesterday we showed that Samsung's commitment to tablets remains, and today the same is happening with Huawei. This company has very close to the launch of a new device that is destined for the high-end, and will be called Huawei MediaPad M6 10. We show what to offer.

The idea is that this device, to arrive with operating system Android Pie (and EMUI personalization will not be missing (we will see how hard this is since it seems that Huawei prepares its own operating system), and it is sought that it competes directly with Apple's iPad and the most powerful models of the Samsung Galaxy Tab range of Samsung Thus, one of the components that will allow this to be achieved is the processor Kirin 980, to be part of the Huawei MediaPad M6 10 and to allow advanced use of Artificial Intelligence as it includes two NPU chips dedicated exclusively to this.

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In what has to do with the screen, the dimensions that this component will have are of 10.7 inch, which fits the range that the tablet is oriented to, and the resolution is QHD + in an IPS panel. This will make it one of the best in the market in this section, and it is sure to offer support with HDR and Dolby Vision so you can enjoy high quality multimedia content (an example are those included in Netflix). By the way, that the fingerprint reader Huawei MediaPad M6 10 be in this place, so its use is quite comfortable – everything points to the use of optical technology. The RAM is expected to be 4 or 6 GB, according to the user's needs.

More features that the Huawei MediaPad M6 10 will have

One of the important ones is that the integrated battery will have an amperage of 7,500 mAh and have a fast load thanks to the processor mentioned above. In addition, the new tablet offers striking options such as the existence of an accessory called M-Pen, a stylus that allow the freehand use of the different sections of the tablet. In addition, the sound will be quite well taken care of, since the equipment will have four speakers with Dolby Atmos compatibility – and with Harman Kardon certification -.

The design as we have seen in the images we have left in the article, does not have great surprises. The edges of the Huawei MediaPad M6 10 are soft and with a characteristic shape that is common in the tablets of this company. By the way, that the device is not missing so much port USB type C as a headphone jack (there are also three connectors that possibly allow the use of a full keyboard). There is no price for the moment, but the logical thing is to think that this equipment is not especially cheap, and its official announcement is expected to this same summer. What do you think about this new device?

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