Revealed the first details of the future Apple MacBook

One of the novelties that are expected by Apple after the summer is that changes in its range of laptops arrive MacBook. The case is that several details have been known that feature teams that are iconic, such as the so-called Air.

In the case of this model that we have just indicated, as in the thirteen-inch MacBook Pro without a touch bar, it has been known that the Cupertino company intends to update some of the components inside both laptops that use the macOS operating system -in its Catalina version-. Thus, for example, they are expected to be included. new processors Intel in these product ranges, as well as more memory options (both in RAM and storage). In addition, the two models will include a new keyboard model that he hopes will end the problems of the current butterfly.

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Besides, according to the source of the information, it is pointed out that a new color – risk Apple with pink? – to the computers we talked about. There will also be some changes in what it has to do with the finishes, especially the corners and size of the touchpad, to make more colorful and useful to these MacBooks that will have a faster evolution than usual, especially when talking about Air.

New screen size for MacBook Pro

This is to be a great novelty that could arrive in September, since the Cupertino company intends to put a model with a display on the market 16 inch, dimensions that are not especially common today. The resolution of the LCD panel, to be manufactured by LG, will be 3,072 x 1,920 so it far exceeds that offered by the fifteen-inch MacBook Pro. By the way, without having great details about it, I know that it is indicated from the source of the information that the design be clearly different to the rest of the equipment in the company's product range.

The truth is that this movement will be more logical to occur in the month of October, since it is when Apple generally announces new products that are not the iPhone. But, this year it seems that things may be different to seek to react in a market – the portable one – that is very aggressive (since Lenovo is pushing hard, and HP is doing the same). Do you think the arrival of a 16-inch MacBook Pro is a good idea?

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