Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019, its features and bare design

The market of the tablets It does not increase its sales condemnably and remains flat, but this does not make several manufacturers who regularly launch new models. An example of this is that it has been known how to be the new input range device Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019.

The truth is that there are many users who buy a tablet in order to have a computer that serves to enjoy multimedia content on a screen larger than the one on a smartphone and, in addition, that also serves to read electronic books (for example). And this is just what to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 which, from what has been known, you could not ask for much more Due to the hardware to include.

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An example of what we say is that the memory be adjusted, although enough to execute the vast majority of current applications (that is, demanding games for having three-dimensional graphics will be discarded). We say this especially because the RAM be 2 GB, so nothing to flaunt a lot. In what has to do with storage, this ascend to 32 gigas, a fair amount but thanks to the compatibility with the use of microSD cards we do not believe it is a problem as indicated above. As for the processor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 is expected to integrate a model six-core (possibly from the Exynos range). Enough to use movies with Full HD quality, for example.

Some more details of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019

One of the ones we think is interesting is that the screen that includes this tablet be of eight inch (That will have the good detail of being AMOLED). This fits to ensure excellent portability of the device, and it is more than possible that it allows its dimensions to be reduced and that it can be carried even in a small bag. Those, nothing boasting in what has to do with the design, since the image we leave behind this paragraph clearly shows that the frames that the team will have will not be very small.

Good news on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 is that you arrive with Android Pie operating system, so it is perfectly updated when it goes on sale and, that is, it is not expected to include fingerprint reader or facial recognition in search of being as economical as possible (it is normal that around 200 euros). Important to comment that, surprisingly, this model reach the market in both a WiFi only version and another that is compatible with SIM cards –therefore 4G- connections may be used. What is clear is that, from what is known, the tablet market is almost exclusively with two types of device: the range of entry, as we have talked about, and the very powerful, which almost They can consider professionals.

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