Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro be a reality at IFA 2019

A few weeks ago we offered the first data of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5, a new tablet to be presented next to the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 10. But it seems that the Korean manufacturer does not have enough, as they can finally reach up to three different models of tablets for the Samsung Galaxy Tab family.

And, on June 13, Samsung Electronics patents a trademark in the EUIPO (the European intellectual property office in its acronym in English). Your name? Tab Active Pro. And, if we add to this that the description contains tablets and laptops, the water is clearer. In this way, during the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, we will also see the new iPad Pro rival, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5, in addition to the Galaxy Active Pro tablet. And, there are still more Samsung tablets on the way.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5, Active Pro and Galaxy Tab A8 2019

The third tablet in discord will be the Galaxy Tab A8 of 2019, a model with more measured performance, in addition to a screen with an diagonal of 8 inches to compete against the iPad Mini. For now, we have no information on any of these two new tablets, but we can get an idea of How to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: what do we know so far about the next Korean flagship?

Active models are characterized by being powerful and very robust devices. In this way, they usually have military certifications of all kinds, so that it can be used in the most hostile environments. Proof of this is that, the United States army has routinely used these solutions in different war zones.

In this way, it is expected that both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 tablet, and the Galaxy Active Pro arrive with the same processor as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: a SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 along with 6 GB of RAM. A configuration more than enough to move any game or application without problem, no matter how much graphic load is required.

The autonomous region is usually the strong point of the Samsung tablets, so we can expect both the Galaxy Tab S5 and the Galaxy Active Pro to arrive with a battery of at least 7,000 mAh to offer more than 10 hours of screen on. And its release date? Taking into account that to be presented together with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 throughout the month of August, it is very likely that in September we can already buy these powerful Samsung tablets.

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