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If you are thinking of buying a new PC, updating its components, or expanding its RAM or storage space, there are interesting offers that will save you money. Changing a component of your configuration, such as the SSD or the amount of RAM, can give you better performance. However, a new PC may come out cheaper.

The PCs tend to be systems that the user acquires coinciding with special offers such as the one without VAT, or offers of specific shops. Also the update of new generations of processors usually propitiate that PC appear with discounts of the most interesting to get rid of the possible stock.

In the case of PC components, such as graphics cards, RAM modules, as well as processors or CPUs, there are also discounts that are worth evaluating, beyond those usually presented with accessories such as mice, keyboards and headphones .

The best PC deals

Large sales tend to start and advertise in advance, with some offers that last even the whole month. That said, the time has come to start looking and thinking about the PC you really need and were waiting for.

Next, we wanted to gather the best PC deals that are currently active. Similarly, we wanted to indicate the places and shops on-line that you should not lose sight of based on the offers that you can find within the technology section.

PC Offers: Where to Search

Before browsing the offers, it should be clear that it is not necessary to have the latest in processors, graphics cards or RAM, even if you use the new PC to do your job.

Manufacturers usually do everything in their power to convince you that you need to update every year. Our recommendation is that you look for PC equipment and components from a few months ago and even a year ago, since they should be trained to deal with most of the more or less demanding tasks.

If what you think is to update certain components, plan which of them need to be changed and how much they cost normally, in order to make sure that those that may seem like an offer are not really.

Stores love to gain the discount price and for this they resort to certain practices such as indicating the reduction in price compared to the initial sale price of the product, rather than in comparison to the most recent price the product had .

If this takes time in the market, obviously its initial price will have varied over time. Do not be fooled by dubious discounts.

You can always check our list of the best products of the year according to our publication, in order to have a reference of the most interesting equipment and components.

The biggest discounts are usually associated with desktops and those called All-in-One or all in one (those in which the tower and the screen are integrated in the same unit).

If you are trained to build your own equipment or carry out extensions, it is an alternative that you should consider, opting for a tower that you can expand and not a closed system.

Since accessories such as mice, keyboards and speakers tend to have a lower retail price, don't expect discounts to be so high.

Still, you can find offers flash interesting, especially in those where there are large stocks of previous generation models. After all, you don't care what years the mouse is, right?

In this article we also offer you a series of stores that you must follow closely because of the type of technological offers they usually offer.

Where to find PC bargains

If what you want is to buy components to make your own PC equipment, or just some components or accessories, then retailers or department stores are usually a great option. Here are some links that you should not lose sight of:

In the case that you are looking for offers in components for your current equipment, you should not lose sight of the offers of the following places, with a wide range from which to choose, from computer cases to hard drives and SSDs, passing through the Necessary power supplies and CPU fans.

If you are interested in acquiring a new laptop, check out this report in which we collect The best laptops of 2019. You will also find the keys to choose the one that suits you best among the wide list.

The best PC deals

one. MSI Infinite S

The offer of the MSI PC computer comes to us in a minitorre format, thinking of all those who wish to acquire a new CPU and leave updates, compensates for the type of microarchitecture that the configuration has implemented.

Obviously, it is a desktop gaming computer with the latest Core i5-9400 processors of ninth generation and 6 CPU cores to be able to address any function you demand from the system, with 2.9 GHz of speed that can become 4.1 GHz if you use the Turbo Boost option of the processor.

At lighting level, MSI allows the customization of your MSI Infinite S model, through the Mystic Light feature with which it is possible by software to manage and control different lighting environments depending on the game you are playing.

two. HP Pavilion Gaming 690

The HP Pavilion Gaming 690 has an avant-garde design combined with the latest hardware for gaming environments, with the possibility of updating the equipment as new, higher performance needs arise.

In fact, it can handle graphics cards from both nVidia and AMD. The ventilation openings along the perimeter of the case and the two large fans up to 120 mm ensure that the desktop PC cools its components properly.

Already in its upper part, there are two unlock levers to access its interior, as well as a complete series of USB connectors and headphones for ease of use. Premium in its modern finishes the brushed material pleasant to the touch with a wide range of connectors on its front that facilitate the usability of the equipment in a very economical desktop configuration model.

3. Asus PN40-CB123ZC

If what you are looking for is a compact miniPC computer that you can install anywhere in the house, including the living room, this Asus PN40 is extremely compact with a low profile and design for installation without breaking up.

The small size does not prevent you from offering a series of connectors such as USB 2.0 ports, HDMI video output, as well as USB-C some of which are shown on the front for easy access to them.

Do not expect high performance from this system that is based on Intel Celeron J4005 processor with integrated Intel UHD graphics, but you will have enough potential to move basic applications under the Windows 10 Pro operating system that is included in its price.

Four. Lenovo Ideacentre AiO 520

A computer proposal that we all know as All-in-One because of the format it exhibits of having what we call the equipment tower integrated in the system's own screen.

In this case, Lenovo's proposal goes through a 24-inch Full HD quality monitor accompanied by AMD A9-9420 processor up to 3.6 GHz speed. In the graphic section the AMD Radeon R5 Graphics card with Windows 10 operating system prevails.

Its thin frame of only 6 mm with steel support will prevent the equipment from separating regardless of where it is located in the home or office. Interesting also your reduced price at which you can find these days the Ideacentre AiO 520.

5. Dell Inspiron DT 3470

In the event that what you need is a new PC, Dell usually offers discounts on some of the most interesting generic models with offers that sometimes exceed 500 compared to the usual price.

With basic functionality such as the Inspiron DT 3470, these teams allow to solve with solvency any elementary need of a home, working with the suite room of office automation and offering web browsing with ease.

What is now on offer is the Inspiron desktop with Core i3, 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB hard drive. As standard, the device is accompanied by the Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system.

6. Lenovo ThinkCentre M710 Tiny

With a size 96% smaller than that of a traditional desktop tower, the M710 Tiny is the most compact if you want a compact desktop tower for your home.

You will have to accompany the tower ThinkCentre M710 Tiny of a monitor, as well as keyboard and mouse. However, you will have all kinds of USB connections, VGA video outputs and DisplayPort, as well as wired Ethernet connection to ensure maximum connection speed if you connect it to the router to a PLC device in your home.

7. HP Pavilion PC All in One

The company that has once again become a leader in sales of consumer PCs worldwide, also has its store on-line which usually offers interesting discounts every week.

If you are looking for an All-in-One device, the new HP Pavilion 24-x057ns It can offer you a system with everything integrated to locate it even in the living room of your house. The model now offered presents a discount of 17% compared to the usual one.

8. Acer Aspire XC-830

Another of the basic equipment of the Acer company that you can find at the balance price these days. It has a Celeron processor, 4 GB of RAM and 1TB storage with integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600 graphics.

The Aspire X series is the most compact of Acer and, in the case of the XC-830 model, it is clear in a mini tower with especially compact dimensions that can be located almost anywhere in the house.

With the performance and power offered, you can address multimedia content as well as combine it with the use that the smallest of the house need for their school work.

9. Medion Akoya P60001

Within the brands represented in Amazon within the section of consumer electronics, Medion is strongly represented with its wide variety of laptops and PC computers.

This month we offer the model Akoya P60001 with an eighth generation Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage at a price lower than 500 euros.

The subsidiary brand of Lenovo also maintains its line of equipment very oriented to the gaming, so you can also find the Erazer family among the brand's offers.

10. Mountain Quartz VR

Although at a much higher sale price compared to the aforementioned brands, the Spanish mountain company, highly specialized in configurations of equipment of great potential, offers its Quartz VR model at a price below two thousand euros.

Mountain Quartz VR is a whole workstation presented in a compact format for those professionals who need to create content based on tools software Advanced CAD / CAE, with prices starting from 1099.

Inside it houses SSD storage that is combined with a 1 TB hard drive, in addition to 16 GB of DDR4 memory. The nVidia GTX 1060 graphic with 6 GB of GDDR5 memory allows you to handle 4K screen resolutions with up to 3 screens simultaneously.

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