The golf game that challenges your intelligence with small puzzles

From time to time, mobile games that reinvent the way in which we approached certain themes jump to the app store. It is the case of golf games: Until now we had to show off our ability to, imitating authentic sport, sneak the ball into the hole with the least possible number of strokes. We say so far because Golf Peaks It is completely different.

Golf Peaks It is an original puzzle game that uses cards to challenge our intelligence in each level. The succession of screens, which represents mini golf courses, will include all kinds of obstacles that we must overcome using the default movements. In this way the cards are the key to advance: you have to use them all and in their right order.

Golf Peaks puzzles move golf shots to the background so that find the card combination Be the real challenge. That the ball advances two squares, that it hits a jump, that goes backwards… It is necessary to find the correct way using the cards available to the complete one. And it is not simple …

Golf Peaks is a puzzle game that uses cards to draw the hit list

Each level has a number of cards; and each one represents a concrete movement. They are usually advances and jumps; that are marked by a number, which will be the amount of squares that the ball will advance with the hit. Once the card is chosen, swipe your finger across the screen in the right direction: if we choose the right card sequence, the ball will end up in the hole by opening the door to the next level.

The mechanics of Golf Peaks It is so bright that it completely changes the style of play: sport becomes a puzzle and intelligence title. This makes him earn many points as it is radically different from any other golf game; to which one more element is added: the careful and minimalist design of the scenarios.

Find the concrete combination of blows It is simple at the beginning, complicated as levels progress. Golf Peaks lacks tutorial and intermediate screens, although the game mechanics are perfectly understood: just start the app to get hooked on your simplicity of use and control. It is a constant challenge.

The pity of Golf Peaks it is perhaps something short today: it includes 108 levels and 9 different worlds. It is not too much to complete, but it is enjoyed to the fullest on each screen: it is an absolute delight. Of course, it is a paid game: It costs 3.09 euros. And it has a drawback: not yet finished, so it may present execution problems. During our test we did not find any.