The Google app for sports revives and releases dark mode

Not that in Android applications to register movement and exercise are missing since there are options for all tastes. It is even common for the smartphone itself to include its app; as it happens in Samsung with Health or in Huawei with Health, for example. Now: there is a generic application that is valid for all devices: Google Fit.

Google Fit takes care of record steps, activity, sleep and even exercise sessions. The application is valid for mobile phones and also for smart watches with Wear OS. Powerful, simple and without Google paying too much attention: Fit had not been updated for months. Now we finally have news, starting with an essential change in the interface.

Google Fit includes dark theme in its update and anticipates manual insertion of the sleep log

Much of Google’s apps have been winning dark theme, so it is no news for Fit apart from the fact that it finally premiered the issue with a gray background. This is too bad since, as in most Google applications, the funds are not absolute blacks, yes a very dark gray. This would have no repercussions on energy savings in OLED panels, very common today.

You can now try the dark theme in Google Fit, you just have to do the following:

  • Open Fit and go to the profile options, to the right of the lower menu.
  • Squeeze the cogwheel from top right.
  • Scroll down to the option of «Appearance»And enter«Theme«.
  • Choose "Dark" and ready.

A final novelty of the Google Fit update is that, as 9to5Google discovered, it anticipates the manual sleep log in the application. It is not yet active, but the app code does show the future manual insertion. In this way, sleep would be equated with blood pressure, weight or activity, which can now be added by entering the registration by quantity.

The Google Fit update Dark theme is now available in the Google Play Store: you just have to update your app. Or download it again if you haven't used it in a while. In terms of functionalities Google Fit has not changed, for better and for worse.