The Huawei Mate 30 Pro shows its new advanced notch

In 2018 we saw how practically all the relevant phones of the year used a notch or notch on the screen, with some exceptions such as the Mi MIX of Xiaomi. But at the end of the year, and especially in 2019, we believed that this trend would be considered dead when betting brands rotating cameras and holes in the screens. And it seems that it will not be so. At least with Huawei.

In recent days we have seen an avalanche of leaks and data on what will be your new flagship, the Huawei Mate 30.

This morning we told you that I would have a new curved screen different from what has been seen so far and apparently, it will have notch.

Sensors, many sensors in the notch

The images that have leaked in Slashleaks show us a front that is inspired by the Mate 20 and that includes no less than six perforations.

We do not know what elements will be implanted in the terminal but everything indicates that we will have an advanced 3D facial recognition system, in addition to the proximity and brightness sensors and the camera. Or cameras. If Google last year used two in the Pixel 3 (and it seems that this remains in the Pixel 4), it is possible that Huawei also does.

You can also see how the frame of the upper area is very small, although we will have to wait to see it in the real device to judge it.

Many curves

Another of the filtered features is the extreme curvature of both the screen and the rear area, as we see in another image.

On-screen fingerprint sensor

The last of the photos shows us the hardware that will be implemented under the screen (or so it seems) and that will allow us to use the fingerprint sensor under it, as we did in the Mate 20 or the P30.