The new Fitbit Versa looks more and more like Apple Watch

This is the first filtered image of the new Fitbit Versa, the watch and quantifier of physical activity of Fitbit that wants to compete against the Apple Watch, although at this point it is something almost impossible.

Although Fitbit continues to make great quantifiers of your physical activity and Versa, the device most similar to an Apple Watch that they have, has similar characteristics, is still very far from Apple's watch.

Versa Lite, the cheapest Fitbit smart watch yet

In this new filtration we can see several characteristics that will reach this new Versa.

Versa will have a new larger and AMOLED screen

The first is the integration with Alexa as a virtual assistant, which Fitbit use to replicate the use of Siri on the Apple Watch, hopefully with better results because Siri fails a lot.

The new Versa seems to have a bigger screen, but more importantly, change the LCD for a new AMOLED. It's good news that Fitbit finally removed its logo from the front of the watch, something that didn't make much sense and that tried to make up reality, that had huge frames.

Fitbit has also removed the two right side buttons and changed it to a single button on the same side. It seems that the touch screen will have more capabilities to open or close applications, as well as move around the interface, leaving the button for simpler tasks such as turning on and off.

More than a year ago, Fitibit announced Versa after the acquisition of the famous Pebble, which many consider the startup that led to the arrival of the smartwatch. Since then they announced the simplest version, Fitibit Versa Litey Charge 3.

Achieve with the third Versa get closer to the Apple Watch and position it as a true alternative?

+ Info | Evan Blass