The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is shown in press images

The countdown to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has already started a few days, since the company confirmed the official presentation date, on August 7.

Since then we have seen several leaks that have given us clues about what the new smartphone of the Korean company will look like, but so far we had not seen images that would completely reveal the design.

This is what Ishan Agarwal has done today, a leaker that lately offers us first hand information of several mobiles.

Two colors, black and litmus

The Samsung Galaxy note 10 has been revealed in two colors, one dark and one lighter, which keeps the front dark.

The two images show us the same details, from the extremely contained frames of the front to the S-Pen that will go inside the body, although there are no images of the upper or lower frame. The white model (with a gradient reminiscent of the latest Huawei phones) has a blue stylus while the black model has the same color.

As you can see, there are only three physical buttons, the power button and the two volume buttons, so it seems that Samsung decides to eliminate the physical Bixby button, something we appreciate.

On the back is the camera module, with three sensors and the LED flash. This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The front camera will be integrated into the screen, in a centered hole, contrary to what is seen in the three Galaxy S10.

Memories up to 1 TB

In addition to these designs we have known that the three variants of the Note 10 will have 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB memories.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is also filtered

Hours after the first filtration we have seen how it has also been announced what will be the most powerful mobile of the Note 10, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. This model shows an extra sensor in the rear area, outside the main module, which is surely the ToF.

Surely in a few days we have more data on these models, but in any case we will know everything before a month.