The Xiaomi Mi 9 can now run Fortnite at 60 fps

Fortnite It is one of those games that not only arouses attraction for how fun they are, but also for the veneration he has achieved among an important mass of players. And it has a third aspect that suits us very well: Fortnite allows us to take the graphic capacity of a smartphone to the limit to check if it lives up to its price.

We usually install Fortnite in all the phones we tested because, as we said, it is a good way to test the SoC GPU. Since the game squeezes the graphics to the maximum, with playing a game one already appreciates whether or not the mobile is a champion of power. And for this you not only have to start the game and get into the arena, just dive into the configuration settings.

Epic Games expands the range of Android smartphones that Fortnite can run at 60 fps

Fortnite It has different configurations at graphic level. You can adjust the overall quality of the game, also the 3D resolution of its execution. And there is a very important element that is not always given enough attention: refresh rate or the frequency at which the game updates the screen image. This detail not only improves the perception, it also offers greater fluidity in the animations and allows the shooting experience to be improved.

Epic games He started reserving the 60 fps for the iPhone, then activated that refresh rate on some Samsung premium range. Also mobiles such as the Honor View 20 or the Huawei Mate 20X saw improved fps, to satisfy the owners of those phones and Fortnite players. Luckily it is not an exclusive because the mode of higher refresh rate extends its range to other smartphones, starting with the Xiaomi Mi 9.

The owners of a Xiaomi Mi 9 who have downloaded the installer from the Epic Games store already have available the 60 fps for Fortnite. Just go to the game settings, on the three stripes in the upper right corner of the screen. Once inside the video configuration you just have to put the quality in «tall«, Maximize the 3D resolution and increase the« Frequency of mobile images »up to 60 fps. And to enjoy Fortnite to the maximum that a smartphone can give: let's see if Epic games activates the «Epic» quality with 60 fps.