This is the best alternative for the most athletes

While it is true that Apple revolutionized the market at present the airpods, independent wireless headphones with a very revolutionary look and design, their performance is not that they are the best. And, even less, those of the AirPods 2, which are nothing more than a revision of the first model. The good thing is, there are great alternatives that offer better features, and an example we have in the Epic Air Sport of JLab.

Yes, it is true that there are many models that exceed 29 hours of autonomy that have the wireless headphones of the manufacturer based in Cupertino, but in the case of the JLab solution, the difference is more than remarkable.The new Epic Air Sport headphones offer up to 70 hours of autonomy, more than double its great rival. Your secret? A carrying case with a 2,600 mAh battery. You can even use its case to charge your phone!

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As you can see, the design of these wireless headphones It has a different design than the Apple solution. And, these wireless headphones are designed to play sports with them, hence they offer a much better grip, allowing you to practice any type of physical activity without worrying about them falling.

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Mind you, keep in mind that these wireless and independent headphones offer a total of 10 hours of autonomy. Yes, exactly twice the battery of the AirPods 2. And to this, we must add its Bluetooth 5 connectivity, to offer up to 30 meters away, so that sound is not a problem.

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Do you think little? Well, you know that these headphones have IP66 certification, that allow us to use them in any environment without worrying about anything. Do you want to go jogging with this alternative to the AirPods posts? No problem. On the other hand, say that the JLab Epic Air Sport have 3 different sound modes, which will adapt to the musical genre you are listening to. They even have noise cancellation mode, ideal for falling in the gym without anyone saying goodbye.

In addition, if we consider that these independent headphones for sports cost less than 150 euros, we are facing one of the best alternatives to the AirPods 2 that you can't let go

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