tips and tricks to get the most out of them

While it is true that, the second model disappointed enough to be a simple review of the first version of Apple's successful headphones, the Airpods 2 They are great devices. A solution that has a spectacular design and sound quality more than enough to meet the needs of an average user.

And, let's be clear, if you have an iPhone XS, or any of the phones of the manufacturer based in Cupertino, it is very likely that you have bought yourself, or want to buy these wireless headphones from Apple. The best? That there is a good number of tricks with which you can get the most out of your AirPods 2, more now that they are on sale at Amazon for only 159 euros.

Essential tricks to squeeze your AirPods 2 to the fullest

As you can see, these tricks for the AirPods are really simple to perform, and they will make your life much easier. Tired of stopping the music when you take them off for a moment? Would you like to use the double tap to activate other functions? We teach you to fully squeeze the possibilities of the wireless headphones of the American manufacturer.

Disables automatic detection of Airpods 2

The wireless and independent headphones of Apple, have a functionality that automatically stops the music when you take them off. It can be very useful in many cases, but more than one user bothers you. And if I just took off my headphones for a moment, and then I want to keep listening to music? Luckily we have the solution.

How to solve the most common failures in Apple AirPods

Yes, then disable this functionality in a really simple way: all you have to do is access the Bluetooth menu and deactivate this functionality so that the music stops when you take off your headphones.

Configure the double touch of your wireless headphones to your liking

As standard, the double tap is used to change songs, but you can configure this gesture to your liking. You can even make the double tap work differently in the left earphone than in the right earphone. Ideal to customize the helmets to get more out of them: for example, you can make the left earpiece to increase the volume, and the right to lower. Or anything you can think of.

To do this, all you have to do is go to the Settings, enter the Bluetooth option and click on the "i" of information next to your headphones. Now you access a menu where you can touch this parameter to customize it to your liking.

Use the AirPods on an Apple TV

Did you know that you could use Apple's wireless headphones on an Apple TV? To do this, you just have to put them on and click on the pause button on Apple TV. Vers a new menu that allows you to synchronize the AirPods 2 through the available audio outputs. Easy, right?

Autonomous problems? Use only a headset

This trick for the AirPods 2 can get you out of more than a hurry. Surely in some case you have noticed that your headphones have very little battery. Quiet, you can continue using one while the other is loaded in its case.