Train Taxi brings us the mythical game Snake to the 21st century

Dozens of new games come out every year, some very innovative and others more continuous. But despite that there are classic proposals that remain interesting, that are played as 30 years ago or that are renewed.

An example of that could be the Tetris, or Snake, the mythical snake game that came preinstalled on Nokia mobiles.

Now a variant of that game arrives at the Google Play Store in a version in which instead of a snake we control a passenger train that has to pick up all the people waiting near the road.

Simple and visual

Train Taxi is a very simple game that like Snake It is controlled simply by moving our protagonist sideways. Each time the train flies to a crossing we can choose whether it turns to one side or the other, sliding your finger on the screen horizontally or vertically.

This version is somewhat simpler than Snake since the train will stop at each intersection. Of course, we must think how we will make the route because as we pick up passengers the cars will be more numerous and we can crash into ourselves at another crossing.

Visually it is a simple game, with flat graphics and intuitive operation.

Every certain number of normal phases we will make one collecting coins, which we can then exchange for game elements.

Train Taxi has many ads, too many

The biggest problem with this game is that it has too many ads. Yes, it is free, but we will play with an ad in the lower part of the screen, another will appear just before starting each phase in a square in the middle of the game area and another full screen to the terminal every game, waiting for us seconds until May we pass it.

The game is being very downloaded and has great playability, but you must be patient with advertising, or pay the 3.19 euros it costs to remove it.