tricks to make it go off faster

The operating system Windows 10 It is the most used. And, although Linux has managed to advance by leaps and bounds thanks to solutions such as Ubuntu, which has a much friendlier interface, Microsoft's operating system wins by its rival. Although it has some very annoying problems.

And one of them, is how long it takes Windows 10 to shut down. We have already explained how to speed up the operating system so that it starts much faster. But what about the shutdown? Well, luckily, this problem can be solved.

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In addition, we are going to teach you three different tricks to help Windows 10 shut down noticeably faster. Yes, those desperate moments while you wait for the system to shut down have the days counted.

With a change in the registry, Windows 10 will shut down much faster

If you want to accelerate the Windows 10 shutdown process, the best thing you can do is touch the system log. To do this, the first thing you should do is go to the Taskbar and open regedit. We talk about the registry editor that show us different routes.

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We have to focus on the following:

Computer HKEY_USERS .DEFAULT Control Panel Desktop

In it we can change different sections to make Windows 10 accelerate the shutdown process. To do this, we must enter this directory and create a new value.

To do this, just click on New> Chain Value. We will call this new entry AutoEndTask, adding value one. In this way, at the moment in which we press the Turn off Computer button, the operating system will be responsible for closing the applications automatically.

Yes, we will save ourselves the annoying problem of accepting to close the applications. In addition, if we are not in front of the computer, we should not worry about anything. We must bear in mind that, with this trick for Windows 10, we will turn off the computer much faster, but you will not have the possibility to cancel the process, so it is a detail to consider.

You can also close applications manually

Another way to save time, and avoid touching the Windows 10 registry, especially if you are worried about accessing this system, is to close the applications manually. Yes, you can always close all the apps you have open. It is true that the process will be slower, but it will also have to close much faster.

Although, one of the best options to consider if you want make Windows 10 go faster that never at the time of closing, is to buy an SSD disk. We talk about a system that does not have mechanical components. This way, your operating system will go much faster than ever.

Exactly, not only will you get the operating system to turn on much faster, just as W10 will close in less time, but you'll notice a fairly noticeable overall system improvement. For starters, applications and games will run much faster. And to this we must add a speed of reading and writing much higher than what you have on a traditional HDD disc, so the difference is worth it.

Yes, we also take into account that you can buy this Samsung SSD disk, with 500 GB of storage and with a discount of 61 percent, it is one of the best options on the market to make Windows 10 fly.