what should it have to succeed in the market

It is an open secret that the Japanese manufacturer is working on two versions of its star console: the Nintendo Switch Mini and the Nintendo Switch Pro. For now, we know little more about these new models, but what should the manufacturer's simplest console have to be worth buying?

While it is true that the original Nintendo Switch has been a big hit in sales, the truth is that the console has some shortcomings. Especially for its resolution of the portable screen, which remains in 720p. Obviously, the future Nintendo Switch Pro have a better resolution in the control, in addition to offering some novelties, possibly a technical improvement, more resolution when playing content on a Smart TV But, what about the Nintendo Switch Mini?

Autonomous, the great incentive of the Nintendo Switch Mini

The command with Nintendo Switch screenIt works with an NVIDIA Tegra processor, and the new version is expected to have a new processor that will be up to 20 percent more powerful than its predecessor. So far so good, but there is a great but with the portable mode of the Switch: its little autonomy.

The latest update of Nintendo Switch includes Boost Mode that improves game loading

It must be recognized that some games, with the minimum brightness and in avin mode, offer an autonomy of up to 5 hours. But if you want to enjoy a triple A game with maximum brightness and having an Internet connection, do not hold more than two and a half hours on. Yes, we can add external batteries, but that is not the solution. Because, The Nintendo Switch Mini should work in this section to offer an autonomous rather than solvent.

Power or adjusted price?

This is where the second point that can decant sales in favor of the Nintendo Switch Mini comes in. It is a fact that the most vitaminized model has a hardware improvement but, will it be necessary in the mini version? We believe not. It is much better to continue taking advantage of the same NVIDIA Tegra processor of the original Nintendo Switch, expand the battery of the portable console to offer a better autonomy, and reduce the price of the Nintendo Switch Mini to make it more attractive to the public.

If something works, do not touch it: the design of the Nintendo Switch must be kept in the mini version

The design that has the original console control is really solvent. And it would be ideal for the mini version to continue with this type of design. What do we want removable controls for? To have the option of connecting the console to a Smart TV through an HDMI output to continue playing taking advantage of a larger screen.

It is not necessary to offer a better resolution, since that will lead to an increase in costs, but the idea of ​​being able to use the new portable Nintendo console by connecting it to a Smart TV is a really interesting idea. And t, you will buy the Nintendo Switch Mini?