Xiaomi S500 wireless mouse: features and price

The Asian manufacturer continues to expand its range of devices for the computer sector, becoming an option increasingly taken into account. A week ago we talked about the new Xiaomi mechanical gaming keyboard, and now it's your turn new wireless mouse. A device with benefits that will surprise you.

To start, this new Xiaomi wireless mouse, The MIIW S500, is manufactured in ABS and TPU to offer great resistance to knocks and drops. Ideal, if we consider that it is a Bluetooth device. To this, we must add its 115 grams of weight, which make the new solution of the Asian manufacturer very light, ideal to take it anywhere if you work with the laptop.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse, this is this wireless and economic mouse

Say that, the new Xiaomi SII M500 It works with two triple A batteries and is available in black. So far, a design that we are used to in any wireless mouse worth its salt, but this new gadget from the Pekn-based firm has some very interesting surprises.

Wireless and Bluetooth: the weapons of Xiaomi's new wireless mouse.

And, the Xiaomi S500 MIIW has a button located at the top. What is it for? Well, very simple: We can use this wireless mouse simultaneously on both Windows, Mac and Android devices. For this, the manufacturer has opted to integrate a double connectivity system that allows it to be used in different terminals at the same time.

In this way, Xiaomi's new MIIW S500 mouse has both Wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, It offers a very low consumption to increase the battery life of this device.On the other hand, say that the new Bluetooth and Wireless mouse of the Asian firm has 1,000dpi of speed, in addition to two configurable buttons on the sides to go forward and backward.

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As usual in all brand solutions, this Xiaomi wireless mouse comes to the market at a really attractive price: 199 yuan, about 25.80 euros to change. A really attractive price, taking into account its characteristics and functionality. We will have to keep track of the MIIW S500, because if there are distributors who bring it to Spain at a reasonable price, it is an excellent option to consider.

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