You can now play the first Xbox game for Android on PC

Microsoft has announced in the last hours the arrival of a new game for mobile devices that you can already play. Forza Street is the new installment of car racing, which without reaching the level of quality of the best titles, promises a lot.

Not everything is cloud game: Forza Street will be the first Xbox mobile game

The game in the cloud has become for many companies in the next great videogame war. Being able to use any device to enjoy the best graphics by delegating calculations to remote servers has a great appeal to have the best gaming experience at any time and place.

The first Xbox game for Android is a Forza, it will arrive this year and you can now play on PC.

Microsoft is one of those companies that have more interest in this future, since they intend to reach mobile phones with XCloud. However, Xbox's first approach to mobile devices will be with a traditional cutting game.

One of the best Xbox exclusive titles is Forza. The emblematic driving saga will be available for mobile devices this year, without knowing a more specific date. It will arrive as a free game for Android and iOS. However, you can now play this new game on your computer, and free.

It will come to Android, but you can already play it in Windows 10

Although Forza Street will be available for Android in the coming months, it is already available for download in the Microsoft application store. Simply open the Windows 10 application store and search Forza Street, or click on the following link and access with your Microsoft account.

The game occupies almost 4 GB, and despite not being up to the last Xbox Forza, its level of detail is surprising, if we consider that it is a game designed to work on most Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices. The vehicles are the same as we can find in the console game, although the circuits are new.

We hope this title comes to Android soon, as it promises to position itself among the best mobile driving games, rivaling directly with Asphalt.