Amazon Echo Dot and Input offer

Alexa voice assistant, like Google Assistant, marked a before and after in an industry. In addition, they made a new iOT product arrive, increasingly common in our homes: the smart speaker. An increasingly useful solution, thanks to the multiple usage options that these devices have. The best? That now you can Buy the Amazon Echo Dot or the Amazon Echo Input at the best price.

We are talking about two really solvent devices and that will meet the needs of any user who is looking for a smart speaker at a good price. More considering that, more and more products are compatible with Alexa, which is an excellent additional advantage that must be taken into account.

Buy the Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker at the best price

As for the Amazon Echo Dot, say that we are facing an intelligent speaker ideal for those users who want to start testing this technology without spending too much money. Obviously, the acoustic power of this model is not comparable with higher-end versions. But fulfill your expectations.

The sound quality it offers is more than enough to be able to enjoy your favorite songs in any corner of your home. In addition, his restrained design makes it ideal to take it anywhere, so you can move it from the kitchen to the bathroom without too much trouble.

But, the most interesting point of this smart speaker comes with its support for Alexa. Thanks to the voice assistant that incorporates the Amazon Echo Dot, you can ask the weather in your city, know if there is a lot of traffic on the way home, or simply to put some jazz theme to relax.

And, best of all, is the price of this cheap smart speaker. Usually, it touches 60 euros, but thanks to the 38 percent discount available on Amazon, you can get this interesting solution for only 39.99 euros. Run before the offer is over!

Do you have a good speaker? Well, buy the Amazon Echo Input

Maybe you already have a quality speaker, and you don't want to buy one of the solutions in the Echo range. Or s. And, if you are in this situation, the best option to consider is to get the Amazon Echo Input. We speak of a peripheral that converts any conventional speaker into intelligent.

The only thing you have to do is, pair this peripheral with the speaker through a 3.5 mm output or a Bluetooth connection. Once you've done it, you'll have your brand new smart speaker. To do this, the Amazon Echo Input It has four onmidirectional microphones, with which to perfectly understand any voice order you make, so you will have no problem when taking advantage of Alexa's benefits.

If we also consider that this smart speaker This offer on Amazon with a discount of 38 percent, is a bargain that you should not miss. It costs only 24.99 euros!