Android E-PAD tablet with electronic ink: features and uses

There are times that Kickstarter allows us the possibility of finding true jewels. We have seen gadgets of all kinds, from an indestructible battery, through a camera with AI that follows you everywhere. And today, we are going to introduce you E-PAD, a Android tablet which stands out for its incredible screen.

We talk about a device that has a electronic ink touch panel and that it has achieved an overwhelming success in the well-known crowfunding platform, far exceeding its objective, thanks to the versatility offered by this Android tablet. And, E-PAD seems like a Android tablet conventional, or rather an electronic book reader. Nothing is further from reality. For starters, this device has a 10-core processor and 2 GB of RAM to move the interface, based on Android 8 Oreo, smoothly.

More details of the Android tablet with electronic ink display E-PAD

And, if its 32 GB of storage doesn't seem enough, you can always expand the memory through its microSD card slot. In addition, a more vitamin version with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage is available.

Continuing with the characteristics of this curious e-Ink screen tablet, say that it has Bluetooth, WiFi and 4G LTE, so that we have all the possible connectivity options. In this way, we can connect any compatible keyboard and mouse to work with this Android device wherever we want.

Obviously, the screen of this Android E-PAD tablet It is one of its strengths. In this case, we find a 10.3 inch panel of electronic ink that reaches a resolution of 1,872 x 1,404 pixels. That is, although it has a microphone and built-in speakers, the format of its screen makes this Android tablet not the most ideal device to watch movies or series, but when it comes to enjoying a good book or a newspaper, being a real delight use it, not to mention the fact that you don't get tired of your eyes after prolonged use.

Continuing with the main features of the E-PAD, say that this Android tablet is compatible with a optical pencil, Therefore, we can write and draw directly on your screen, through the accessory that we can buy with this curious device, with 4,096 pressure points, so its possibilities are quite wide.

If you are interested in buying this Android tablet E-PAD with electronic ink display, we already anticipate that it has been an impressive success in Kickstarter, so if you want to buy any of the few available that are still available, you can go through this link to get a unit at a price of 420 euros at the exchange with shipping costs included.

Of course, you should have a little patience, since until August 2019 the first units will not start shipping. But, taking into account the characteristics of this curious Android tablet, It's worth the wait.

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