Apple sues Corellium for allowing virtualization of iOS and its apps

iOS, unlike Android, is closed-source, and Apple is the only one that can use it on their mobile devices, not like Google's development, which any interested manufacturer can implement on their computers. This is the reason why We do not see tablets or smartphones with iOS that do not belong to Cupertino.

While we can install macOS in virtual machines through Parallels Desktop 15, for example, to test its features or develop apps, it is not easy to get it with the system for iPhone and iPad, although Corellium allows it in exchange for money.

The company alleges that it is marketed illegally

Corellium is a company specialized in virtualization of operating systems for mobile devices. It prides itself on being the first and only platform which allows virtualizing iOS, Android and Linux in ARM. Those in Cupertino have filled out a lawsuit against Corellium in the southern district of Florida for illegally replicating iOS and its applications.

According to Apple, Corellium infringes the copyrights that Californians have on iOS, as You have copied the code, user interface and icons, that is, the entire system. In addition, Corellium software contains iTunes replicas and other services and applications.

Although Corellium ensures that this product is designed to allow developers and hackers to find and test vulnerabilities of iOS, Apple claims that this is very dangerous since the information discovered could be sold for malicious purposes, as MacRumors collects.

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