Art and puzzles together in a game that will leave you speechless

Now that we have the weekend before us, with all the hustle and bustle of traveling, visiting and spreading, it is always good to have a space to disconnect, an application that entertains without having to think excessively. The puzzles are a good example, but no game of this style has the beauty of Poly Island.

The game in question proposes a way to solve puzzles which is quite similar to the resolution of puzzles, although brilliantly taken to mobile screens. You have at your disposal an object or animal created based on polygons; and you will have to discover how it is to go completing the puzzle with each of these polygons.

Poly Island It has no complications and is suitable for anyone. He enjoys his mechanics, attracts the extreme simplicity of his approach and delights in the beauty of the creations and the entire environment: it is a game in which all the effort that the developers have put into it is appreciated. It is not yet published, but you can try it.

Solve puzzles based on coloring: Poly Island is loaded with magic and beauty

That does not involve any difficulty allows anyone can approach the game. This does not imply that it bores or that it ends up being insubstantial since Poly Island offers different levels of fun: first, coloring the forms based on drag the color polygons to your site; second, collecting all available designs; third, taking objects and animals created to magical floating islands; fourth, enjoying the care that the developers put into the design of each element of the game.

Poly island is a game to relax, to enjoy, has the intention that you enjoy the resolution of the puzzles and not with the challenge of solving them. To do this, he will retract each polygon of the form by assigning it a number; and you will only have to drag the polygons getting both numbers to match until the shape comes to life and color.

The game is a cross between "paint and color" and a classic table puzzle, a combination that fits perfectly. It offers a multitude of designs to complete and several islands to which the polygons take. Although yes, as a freemium game that is Poly Island has ads and also in-app purchases. Purchases go by art packages, also by subscription to use the game in full. However, part of the puzzles can be solved for free, also by unlocking them by viewing advertising.

Poly Island deserves a chance, especially if you appreciate leisurely cutting games and pixel care design. You can download it for free, it is currently available in beta form.