As applications improve on Android Q

Yesterday Google released the fifth beta version of Android, a version that has temporarily stopped due to a series of errors. In addition to the beta launch, Google gave a series of recommendations to developers who want to get the most out of Android Q.

These developments are mainly for developers, but they affect us directly. The news that a developer can use are improvements that we can receive in our applications when our mobile is updated to Android Q, which is why we will review them.

This will improve applications in Android Q

Android Q is just around the corner, and Google expects to release the final version before the end of the third quarter of the year (that is, at the end of September at the latest). The fifth beta of Android Q is already in an advanced state, which is why They have already released the necessary development kit to take advantage of these improvements.

Without going into details, Google has indicated in the latest Android Developers article how a developer can improve the experience of their application by preparing it for Android Q. These improvements would only be applied to users of the new version. This does not mean that applications are no longer compatible with previous versions.. In those cases, your application will continue to work as it has done until today.

What recommendations has Google made to developers to improve their applications in Android Q?

Improvements that every application should have

  • Dark mode: Possibly the most popular novelty of Android Q is the dark mode, a mode that stands out for changing the interface. This is not a simple color change, but a new dimension in the Material design language, integrating the application experience into the system.
    • The idea of ​​Google is that if you activate the dark mode, all applications automatically switch to that mode. Nothing would be more frustrating in that concept than switching to dark mode and half of the applications being in clear mode.
  • Support for new Android gestures: With the new system implementation, developers will have to change some behaviors to adapt to the new navigation system. They will be able to use the corners to call functions and they will have to take into account that the sides are no longer a valid option.
  • Folding phones: Although there are no folding phones on the market yet, Google wants to make sure that the software experience of these devices is fully functional from day one.

  • If your application uses some type of messaging, you can make use of intelligent responses. This API is similar to the intelligent responses of Android messages. It is a recommended improvement for any application that allows you to respond to notifications.
    • It is expected that applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram receive this improvement.
  • Biometric security: If before we could identify in applications with the fingerprint, the new biometric security engine supports new methods such as facial unlocking or iris scanner.
  • Multimedia improvements: New codecs such as AV1 and support for HDR10 + content are available for video applications. There are also improvements in voice communication applications thanks to the OPUS codec, and tools for music applications to have native support for MIDI audio files.
  • Connectivity enhancements dedicated to communication with IoT devices, such as smart bulbs.

All these improvements depend on the developers

Google's job is to improve Android, but for the ecosystem to improve in a healthy way it also depends on the work that developers do. It is not enough that Android better if the applications do not evolve at the same rate.

Should developers be forced to adopt the news in the applications? From our point of view, we believe not, since it would be a sacrifice in the freedom of the ecosystem. However, if we consider that a developer should impose self Your application is up to date.

These types of updates are an opportunity for new developers to get greater visibility. If you want the new features and your application is not updated, it becomes an opportunity for new developers to meet that need.