As being the Samsung Galaxy View 2, a tablet to replace TVs

We are at a time when the terminals of large screen they impose themselves against the rest, and a clear example of what we say is that smartphones now reach six inches on a regular basis. Well, in the tablets it seems that this trend is being translated with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy View 2.

The first generation of this product range might have come to the market somewhat early and, therefore, did not get a presence as shocking as the Korean company expected. But now I know that it may be time for you to get some interesting sales, especially for those looking to have a device that allows you to watch TV and play videos on the rooms or the kitchen. And this is just what the Samsung Galaxy View 2 offers by combining its 17.5 inch screen with a ratio of 16.9 and resolution Full HD- and Internet connection.

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One of the things that have been seen in the images that have leaked from the Samsung Galaxy View 2 is that the back that is used as a complement to the attachment has been redesigned, leaving behind the integrated base and a carrying handle. Now, an element with hinges is included that allows place the tablet in different positions depending on the use it is given (so it is similar to what Microsoft Surface offers). Interesting, by the way, the great existing hole that allows from a good placement of the cables used until the transport from one side to another is comfortable. The case is that the Samsung Galaxy View 2 tablet aesthetically be quite attractive and not clash in places where it is placed.

The hardware expected in the Samsung Galaxy View 2

We should not expect high-end components since the maximum possible performance is not sought in this tablet, what is sought is that it is efficient and especially allows the consumption of multimedia content. Thus, inside the Samsung Galaxy View 2 a Exynos 7885 processor, an eight-core processor that will combine with 3 GB of RAM, which in principle is enough for you to enjoy high quality videos. In what has to do with storage, everything indicates that they will be 64 gigas those integrated with the option to expand them by using microSD cards.

There will be two versions of the SM-T927A model, one only with access to WiFi networks and a second one where there is also the option to use data (4G). And, all this, governed by the operating system Android Pie who is not missing the new One UI customization offered by the Korean company. In what has to do with the arrival to the market, this appears to be distant betting on May or June is the logical thing, since the device has already obtained certifications in entities such as the one for the Bluetooth connection. That s, nothing is known about the price but the logical thing is that it is about 500 dollars with the aim of being a purchase option for as many users as possible.

UPDATE: Some more details of this tablet have been known, such as that the charge of your battery reaches 12,000 mAh and that the cable connection port is USB type C. Besides, the integrated sound will be stereo with four Dolby compatible speakers Atmos

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