Bring more life to your Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 with this new sphere app

The last device that has revolutionized the members of The Free Android It has not been a smartphone or a tablet, but a much smaller and, above all, cheaper device: the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4. It seems incredible how well it works for the little more than 30 euros it is worth: if you are looking to boost the use of your phone, stepping up your exercise, putting the bracelet on your wrist is a great gesture.

We have already done the review to the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4We even highlight the 5 key points of your purchase. We know that it is a very attractive accessory that is having remarkable success in Spain and the rest of the world; taking part of the blame for such success a very specific aspect: the color display.

One of Xiaomi's successes has been that of improve screen brightness (the Mi Smart Band 4 looks perfectly outdoors), give it color and take the opportunity to include high levels of customization. Hand in hand with the dials or interfaces Mi Fit incorporates a wide variety of styles to give the bracelet a personal look. And the best part is that there is already a remarkable amount of compatible spheres made by other users.

MiBand 4 Watchface, change the dial of your Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 choosing from dozens of options

The application we are talking about is new and still in development, but it works perfectly: after checking its use it is as expected. Because, since you have a large collection of official spheres, why not swell the possibilities adding a multitude of extra designs?

MiBand 4 Watchface It has a large collection of interfaces that will grow as its development settles. It currently offers a huge variety of spheres with different languages ​​available and designs as varied as original. Many are the same ones that you can find on the Amazfit Watchfaces website; offering an installation so simple that you will have customized your Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 in seconds and without any complications.

To use the application you just have to do the following:

  • Download and install MiBand 4 Watchface: It is free, does not have strange permits and only incorporates an ad.
  • Browse the entire list of spheres included until you find the one you like. The app has the info and features of the specific design, including language.
  • Once the sphere is selected, click on «Install«. The application will load the design and take it to the Xiaomi Mi Fit app.
  • Click on «Open Mifit»And you will land in the Xiaomi app.
  • Go to the options of your Mi Smart Band 4 and enter «Wristband screen settings«.
  • Once all the spheres are loaded, scroll to «My wrist screens»And you will see the design you downloaded.
  • Press on your sphere, synchronize the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 and voila.

As you can see, this process is very simple, safe and fast. You do not need to download the .bin file from the page Amazfit Watchfaces and then load it with another application: MiBand 4 Watchface takes care of everything. It works great, although it's still in beta; Without this being inconvenient.

You can download MiBand 4 Watchface from the following link to the Google Play Store. The app will cost you nothing.