Call of Duty Mobile lands on Google Play: you can now register

The shooters have taken all the platforms, especially with the Battle Royale so fashionable In mobiles they are also gaining a remarkable amount of public thanks to two aspects: the adaptations of Fortnite and PUBG to smartphones and the potential of these devices to execute games with great graphic capacity. There is even a new mobile niche, those specifically designed to play.

With all this interest in high-graphics games, and the domain they have achieved Epic Games and PUBG, other important sagas of the genre have been displaced in smartphones; hence Activision decided to ally with Tencent (PUBG distributor) to create the Call of duty for mobile phones

We could already try the game in the first betas. Now it's the turn of the official announcement: Call of Duty Mobile, final name of the game, will be available soon and without knowing the final dates. Yes we know that there will be betas open next summer; to which you can sign up if you register now.

The whole essence of Call of Duty adapted to mobile phones and with several online multiplayer modes

Image of the first beta of Call of Duty for mobile

Given the enormous popularity of the Battle Royale, Activision and Tencent have had to adapt the new Call of Duty Mobile to the multiplayer needs of this type of shooters. In this sense, the developers confirm that there will be several game modes included; among which will be the deathmatch, both alone and in teams. All within original Call of Duty maps, with the recognizable weapons of the saga and, also, without escaping the most popular characters.

Apparently in the first betas, Call of Duty Mobile will make use of a large graphical load to squeeze the power of the best smartphones. The game promises to be broad and competitive, as it deserves a good COD. In addition, it does not seem that the pressure of the purchases will be exaggerated since, although the download will be free, surely micropayments are not needed to progress. The same happens in Fortnite, for example.

The following betas of Call of Duty Mobile They will be open in summer. To enter them Activision He has opened a pre-registration page: sign up to see what's new and also have access to those first betas. In addition, the game You are already on Google Play in the form of prior registration.