Download Spotify Lite, the new lightweight version of Spotify

A week ago we talked about the arrival of Spotify Lite, the new reduced version of the popular streaming music service. Today, the Stockholm-based company has officially announced its new application. But what are the main differences between Spotify Lite and the traditional version?

To start, one of the most outstanding features of Spotify Lite It is the little it occupies in our mobile phone: it does not exceed 15 megabytes, a huge difference if we compare it with the more than 100 megabytes of Spotify. And this is a great detail to keep in mind.

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In addition, as you can see in the different images that accompany this article, the Lite version of the popular streaming music service has a friendly interface and a design very similar to that of the conventional version. Of course, it has a series of limitations that make us doubt whether it is worth it. download Spotify Lite.

You can not download playlist, a great but when using Spotify Lite

Another of the great advantages of this reduced version of Spotify It comes with the possibility of being able to select the quality of the music we reproduce. In this way, we can choose between different options, ideal if we are in an environment with a practically null Internet connection.

For the rest, you can access all your playlist, play them in the same way as in the traditional version, in addition to being able to create new playlists. You can even select the maximum data consumption in Spotify Lite, a very interesting option to avoid melting the Internet connection of your mobile phone.

Although, there is one detail to keep in mind that makes Spotify Lite lack one of the best features of Spotify Premium users: being able to download playlists. Yes, with the Lite version you will not be able to save any of your playlist, and that is a detail to consider.

Obviously, this application is designed for use in environments where Internet connection is limited, or where phones with few resources are used. But, the lack of this feature in Spotify Lite significantly detracts from the experience

Spotify Lite and Spotify may be installed on your phone, a detail to consider

Still worth it download Spotify Lite? The answer is yes, even if you have Spotify Premium. We have been testing the application, and we must say that both versions are fully compatible with each other, so you can keep the two applications installed on your Android device.

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In this way, you can use the conventional app to listen to playlists that you have previously downloaded. Are you going to travel by public transport, or be in an area with little coverage and want to listen to new songs? This is where Spotify Lite functionality comes in.

Finally, to say that, although it is not officially available in Spain, since it is not among the first 32 passes where it is testing this reduced version of Spotify, we leave you in corresponding link so you can Download the APK of Spotify Lite.

Download Spotify Lite for Android