Free Android applications on offer for a limited time

Are you bored of what you can do with your smartphone? If you want to increase the utility it offers, one of the best things you can do is install new developments with which to get the most out of it. A good option are the free android apps We show.

So that there is no doubt about the reliability of the works, all the chosen ones are in the Play Store, so there is no complication to get them – and, in addition, there is Google's work so that there is no danger-. In addition, it is important to comment that the compatibility It is really high, since it is possible to use the free Android applications chosen on both phones and tablets.

How to use a PayPal account to buy from the Play Store

Besides, it is also important to know that the weather in which the offers are available is limited, so you should not take long to decide on the download for what you simply have to have an active Google account on the phone you have. Therefore, the requirements are really low.

Download the chosen free Android applications

Then we leave the links corresponding to all the works that we really believe are worth trying since they offer a fairly good quality for the purpose for which they were created. They are the following:

Panda Game Booster & GFX Tool for Battleground

A development that optimizes the use of both the processor and the GPU that the smartphone has so that it offers the best performance with the games. It also offers RAM management tools and, something that is really interesting, its own to control the temperature.

Atlantis 3D Pro Live Wallpaper

This is one of those free Android applications that allows you to change the look of the terminal screen. With it you can establish a lively fund that has as its art the supposed appearance of the disappeared civilization of Atlantis. Interesting images that are attractive and that fit with any screen resolution.

Fnetchat – 2.0

A pretty complete messenger application that seeks to gain a foothold in the market. It allows the use of all kinds of multimedia content and, of course, emojis are part of the development. It includes some simple games and, fortunately, the use is not complicated since it is and similar to the one offered by WhatsApp.

Private Browser Pro Navigation

If you want to go unnoticed when surfing the Internet, this browser is one of those that you should keep in mind, since its main mission is not to be tracked. With quite a few options for using and loading pages quite quickly, it is a work that must be taken into account and which is located as one of the best free Android applications this week.

Visit Mars in 360

A work that thanks to the images that have been sent from Mars allows a small visit as if it were there since 360-degree technology is used. Good quality and appropriate options that allow you to enjoy the achievements that humanity is achieving. The use Elon Musk?

Streak Alarm for Snapchat

Word Master PRO

Kosmos – Work Time Tracker

Hashtags Pro

Rec Audio Recorder PRO

If what you are looking for is to pass funny times With your phone or tablet with Android, what you have to do is search for games on offer for free in the Play Store, something that is not complicated and that there are also developments of good invoice.