Free Android apps to turn a tablet into an ebook

The Android tabletsDue to their operating system, they offer many functions to enjoy different contents. Thus, with them it is possible from watching movies to listening to music. And, even if the right applications are installed, it is possible to convert it into a electronic book. We show the ones we think are the best.

The fact is that in a fairly simple and without spending a penny of euro you can make the tablets with Google operating system a completely viable option to download and read eBooks. And, in addition, it must be said that the developments that exist offer a lot of configuration options and the compatibility They offer with different types of files (eg PDF or ePub) is Excellent. Therefore, this functionality we believe should be taken into account.

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Applications to turn a tablet into an ebook

If you want to give additional use to the Android device you have, then we leave several applications that offer excellent quality and that all of them can be download from Play store for free. In addition, in all cases the developments are translated, so there is no difficulty in using it.


This is a development that is very complete, offers great configuration possibilities and its compatibility is excellent. Its user interface is not the best of all, but it is enough to manage all kinds of content. There is no shortage of editing options and, of course, remember the place you stayed the last time you gave them.

Aldiko Classic

This application to turn a tablet into an electronic book stands out, especially, for a really intuitive user interface. In addition, it includes access to an integrated store that is possible to get books. Full of options, compatibility with different file formats is more than enough.

Prestigious eReader

A development that is perfectly structured and that includes a useful search engine that makes it easier to find what you want to read. In addition, you have access to the Project Gutenberg database, so it is possible to use thousands of free e-books directly. Interesting interface management options.


A development that everything brings simplicity to use on a tablet: High compatibility and with an extremely easy to understand user interface, is possibly the best option if you do not want something that requires a while setting options. First of all, it is useful.

Cool reader

An ideal job for those who like design retro, since the interface offered by this application offers just that. It is a good development that allows you to take full advantage of the tablet screen, and it does not lack a very wide compatibility and, of course, it does not require much in what it has to do with resources, so it can be used on almost any device with Android.

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