Galaxy Fold: check out your design and other things you should know

The modified design of Galaxy Fold is very similar to the original.


Finally … Samsung launch the blissful Galaxy Fold folding cell phone, and it is said that the improvements correct the tendency of the screen to break, blink or bulge as it happened with some devices sent to analyze (although not in those that I received CNET). Three months after changing the original sale date of April 26, the Galaxy Fold will now be sold in September. Samsung said to announce the exact date later.

The second iteration of the Fold comes times when Samsung is driving the launch of theGalaxy Note 10 and before the revelation of the iPhone 11 (iPhone 2019). It is rumored that the brand is also in full development of two other 5G phones.

Ms on foldable phones

Samsung's changes to the design of the Galaxy Fold include reinforcements on the screen, internal structure and the area of ​​the hinge that will help keep the folding phone more rigid (something that its plastic screen lacks) and that help keep the dust and particles.

The protective layer of the screen, which caused dismay and controversy when some publishers analyzed it, now has a larger footprint that extends beyond the bezels. This film stopped dry in the original design, leaving an edge wide enough to pull up with a ua.

Samsung said it added protective layers to the hinge area.


Samsung provided some images along with the announcement about the new sale date of the Galaxy Fold, including a side view of its hinge.

However, it should be clarified that images are rendered and not definitive photos. In addition, they are of right angles, not of taking details that focus on what has changed. There are many things that we really cannot determine without having the phone in our hands. The most noticeable difference you can distinguish in the renders It is the area built around the hinge.

The hinge cracks really appear while the phone bends and cannot be seen, and the thin line of the protective layer of the screen shows Samsung's success in aesthetic improvements.

And the metal reinforcements inserted in the body? This could be something that we will be able to feel, but not see.

Samsung helped us answer some other additional questions about the Galaxy Fold:

What kind of message or legend will be in the box about the design or the protective layer?

"We will ensure that the care and use guide is clearly delivered to our customers through materials in the packaging of the Galaxy Fold and also on"

When will orders be launched again in advance?

"We are reviewing our market launch plan and hope the Galaxy Fold will reach consumers soon. Availability details will be announced in the coming weeks."

Does the Galaxy Fold cost the $ 1,980 that had been announced before?

"There are no changes to the price."

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