Google Chrome improve multimedia playback control

If you are one of those who consume many multimedia content with the browser Google Chrome, there is good news for you. These have to do with controlling them directly with the work of the Mountain View company, which facilitates the management and use by users.

As it has been known, the creative firm of Android is already testing a new feature in Google Chrome (first in its Canary version, which is the first in which the news is included) but, yes, at the moment stability is not the best possible. The case is that it is quite clear that this arrival indicates that the idea is to land in the final version of the browser as soon as possible.

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What has been added in Google Chrome is a new button which allows you to control the reproductions of multimedia content, such as videos and music. This includes options in a drop down that appears once it is used. One of the options that is more interesting is that this new addition allows manage all tabs that is open, so it is not necessary to access each of them to, for example, pause the playback of a recording that is being viewed on a web page. Even from what has been known, it is possible to silence the automatic reproductions, which for more than one is excellent news.

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As we have indicated, at the moment this new possibility is only available in the Canary version of Google Chrome, and not in all regions, but I know that a excellent idea. By the way, if you want to activate the new button and try your luck in case you are one of those who can access it, you simply have to access chrome: // flags in the address bar. Once this is done, there is only one search to locate the following: Global Media Controls. That is, already announced that random hangs occur occasionally.

The truth is that this is a good tool that avoid installing extensions to achieve this, once the operation is adequate, and that allows the control of multimedia content on pages where there are a lot of them. An example of those that are already compatible, is the list that we leave below: YouTube, Spotify and even Vimeo. Therefore, in not much time in the final version of Google Chrome be simpler than ever Manage videos and music that plays online.

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