Google prepares a new way to share files on Android

The tool has long been Android Beam It exists in the terminals with Google's operating system to conveniently share files between saurus easily. But, the truth is that it is not widely used. This wants to change Google with a new option to be called Fast share.

This development allows to send files without using cables in a much simpler and faster way to the one offered by the current work that we have mentioned before. And as it has been known, be similar to Apple AirDrop. Therefore, sending a photo to a person who is close to be something really comfortable and, therefore, the idea is that you do not have to resort to third-party applications such as WhatsApp.

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To get it Fast Share give a combined use of Bluetooth and WiFi, choosing the one that is most convenient at all times for the distance of the destination terminal. With it, it will be possible to send complete files as other different options (an example is that as indicated in the source of the information, it will be possible even to send text fragments). A good detail that will have the new tool in which Google works is that it is not necessary that the destination terminal belongs to a person who is in your contacts, so a scan of the coverage area is performed to detect the smartphones and tablets that have activated the functionality we are talking about.

Simplicity of use in the Fast Share tool for Android

According to it has been known just by activating it you will find the equipment that is accessed by close And, that is, it is not possible to limit the people who see you when this is done (but there will be a kind of filter for some contacts to be preferred). By the way, it is intended by Google that the use of this tool is not restricted only to Android devices, since it is expected that Chromebooks and smart watches they can also be part of Fast Share – even by using a iOS application will also be an option-.

There is no exact date for Fast Share to officially launch for the Google operating system, to be the first to receive it, but hopefully after summer This functionality is a reality, perhaps with the arrival of the final version of Android Q – without its use being limited to this version of the Mountain View company development. This means that the current option that uses NFC has the days counted and this is good news, since this option is not exactly widely used since its effectiveness is not exactly the best.

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