How to find applications on sale without leaving Google Play

Google is revolutionized changing the design to the Play Store. Most of the time it applies small brushstrokes that are aimed at improving navigation, others reorders the menus and elements of the tabs so that the user knows better what will be found. It has even included a section where you can see all the current offers on applications.

Since The Free Android We approach twice a week to punctual offers in applications paying special attention to those that are free. But what if you had access to the Google Play Store promotions without leaving the store? There is a very simple way to access all offers.

After the last redesign of the Play Store Google introduced the offers in the games tab

With as many changes as usual, and without it being possible to ensure that two users have the same app store since Google Play performs numerous design tests with selected accounts, it is not strange that the new offers have gone somewhat unnoticed. But they are there.

The offers section is updated as developers lower their apps and games, either at zero cost or with a discount that does not reach the total. In this way you have an access that does not expire: the offers you will see there are available for you to acquire with one press. And they are located like this:

  • Enter the Google Play Store of your Android.
  • Go to the «Games«. Usually you will be there since the store opens by default in that tab.
  • Descend until you see the "Games on offer»And click on the«Plus«.
  • Additionally, you can enter the offers section by clicking on this link, both from your mobile and in a desktop browser.

The funny thing is that, although the offers are in the games section, and that the section title specifically concerns that section of the Store, also lowered applications appear. Each app or game has the previous price and the one that contains the discount. It may be the case that it is a permanent discount and the discounted price does not appear; or that the offer is already finalized and the application has not yet left the section.