How to recognize songs with Shazam from an application

If you are one of those who can not be without knowing exactly the song that is heard, it is more than possible that you have installed application Shazam on your Android terminal. This development is very useful since "listening" for a moment what it sounds, recognizes the corresponding song. Well, now you can get this too in the applications That are running.

In this way, if you are listening to something on YouTube or a media player, thanks to Shazam you can know exactly and in matter of seconds the song title and the artist who plays it. That is, at functionality is complete since he will not see the usual development we are talking about (even if it is the same whether you are wearing headphones or not to enjoy music, since the whole process is done internally).

Apple closes the purchase of Shazam, what does this mean for users?

If you do not have the application we are talking about installed, then we leave the corresponding links in the official stores to iOS and Android (the download is free). In this way, and once it is known that there is the functionality we are talking about, you can know everything that is heard this holidays -and, in this way, access services like Spotify or Apple Music to find that song that I have been recorded and you are not able to get out of your head-.

How to use Shazam in an application on your phone or tablet

Well, the truth is that it is the simplest. Open the application we are talking about and then drag the screen to the right to access a section called My shazam. Now in the upper right you see an icon with a circular gear gear. Click on it and access the Configuration development.

Park on screen where you see all the options of the application and you must search within General adjustments a slider called Shazam Pop-Up. Activate it and you will see that it looks like a floating icon in the telephone interface that is the one that you have to press every time you want to recognize a song that sounds in a development in your terminal. When you do this, in a matter of seconds see the result with the name of the track and the ensemble or soloist who plays it.

If you want to see more data about it, click on the small picture with the data and you will open the Shazam application where you can see the lyrics of the song; going through important details of this; and, of course, access to find it in cloud music services. As it looks, very simple get what we started in development and, in addition, with all the possibilities offered by this (which are many and complete).

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