How to remove a program that lacks uninstall options

Before attempting to manually remove a program, it is convenient to ensure that there is no program that there is no uninstall option. So before starting the process, check it in the Start menu, because there is an uninstall program, surely you will find it there.

It is also advisable to check the list of Windows uninstallers, through the Control Panel in Add or Remove Programs. If the program does not appear on the list, you can go to Google and look for a program suitable for uninstallation. If none of these options work, then it is time to remove it manually. Here's how:

1] Create a program restore point, the way to go for it is StartProgramsaccessoriesToolsof the systemSystem Restore

2] Boot in safe mode. Restart the PC. Just before Windows loads, press the F8 key and press the Enter key to select the Safe Mode.

3] Find the path to the program folder. If there is a shortcut to the program in the Start menu or on the desktop, click on that shortcut and select Properties and when the Menu is deployed select the program to delete.

4] Clean the registry. If you want to remove all references from the deleted program, the portable version of the CCleaner software makes your job easier, and also requires no installation. Whichever version you use, click on the registration icon in the left control panel, when the scan is complete, click on select selected problems.

5] Remove the shortcuts from the Start Menu, to the desktop and so on.

6] Restart the system again. And you have already deleted the program.