How to use the voice in Gmail to read the mail you receive

The use of the email client Gmail It is more than widespread, and has almost become a standard. Well, if those who use it much more easily, so that the messages are read that you reach the phone, you can get it quite simply.

To achieve this it is necessary to use an additional application from the Mountain View company itself called Google Voice -It may be necessary to use a VPN tool to use it- and that it can be downloaded at no cost in the Play Store (we leave the link behind this paragraph). The case is that in one of the last updates of this development new options have been included that allow integrate it in a much more complete way in Gmail for Android, so it can be given very interesting uses and that many times are unknown.

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One of the things that should be known about what has to be done is that the steps are very simple, and do not jeopardize the emails that are received in the Google client (or the stability of this application). Therefore, you can proceed without fear. Also you don't have to pay absolutely nothing to get messages read and can be heard on the phone or tablet in a very comfortable way.

What do you have to do to listen to Gmail emails

Once you have the Google Voice application installed, you must proceed configuration so that it integrates properly with the client of corro. This is what needs to be done in the development we are talking about (remember that this work may not work where you live, so you need to use a VPN tool):

  • Start Google Voice
  • On the main screen, click on the icon with three horizontal lines (in the upper left area). Now select Configuration
  • Select option Voicemail and then do the same in Greeting in voicemail
  • Now you have to record an output to give it more use if necessary
  • Once you do this, simply use the option save
  • This is the signature that will be used when recording an email with the development in Gmail

The time has come to establish how emails are read in Google Voice so you can listen to them on the Android terminal. This is really simple since you just have to activate the slider called Receive voicemail by email. Once this is done, a message will appear in the terminal with which you will directly enter the playback. By the way, it is also possible do this with the SMS, which may help some. The last step is to choose the phone among all those who have your Gmail account active, so that it is only in the one on which you can do this.

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