impossible to repair and a troubled keyboard

Apple, sometimes has no name. A few days ago, the manufacturer based in Cupertino Present your new 2019 MacBook Pro generation, a new generation of speakers that, once again, comes back with the same problems as their predecessors. We already show you that in the market there are a few alternatives to the 2019 MacBook Pro at a lower price and with better features. We all know that the range of Apple laptops have an exorbitant price, but it can not be that they launch a device, whose cheapest model is around 2,000 euros, and that they know in advance that their keyboard give problems.

Yes, Apple has improved the butterfly system to avoid double keystrokes, but the firm itself does not know of its own solution, so it is very likely that the MacBook Pro 2019 will continue with the problems on the keyboard. It is true that the Company offers to change the keyboard of its defective products at no cost, but it cannot be that a product with this fault is launched. And what is worse: The 2019 MacBook Pro is impossible to repair.

In addition to being impossible to repair, the MacBook Pro 2019 keyboard give problems

The iFixit guys have taken care of disassemble the MacBook Pro from 2019 to see what has changed in Apple's new range of high-end laptops. And, just like the AirPods 2, we simply found a slight overhaul of the 2018 model. To begin with, the 2019 MacBook Pro has the same distribution of components as last year. What does this mean? Well, you won't be able to repair it either. Sample of this we see in the score of 1 out of 10 that have been awarded to this device.

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The reason? As in the previous model, the processor, RAM and flash memory are soldered to the motherboard, so repairing the MacBook Pro, or adding new components, is virtually impossible. The glue is the second enemy for the technicians: the upper case, keyboard, battery, speakers and the touch bar have such an amount of this material, that they cannot be disassembled separately either. In short, you have to go through the technical service of Apple.

Why is Apple not even the keyboard of the 2019 MacBook Pro? For the minimum change made

And beware, the keyboard mechanism remains the same, although the membrane material that covers the keyboard switches has been changed. It is now made of nylon, instead of using polyacetylene as in the previous model. To this change, we must add a new surface treatment that could help alleviate the problems of durability after performing a large number of pulsations, although more than a solution to the problem, it seems A small patch

We will have to see what happens, with the passage of time we will know for sure if this new system manages to alleviate one of the great problems of the last generations of Apple laptops, but the fact that the 2019 MacBook Pro continue to have problems on your keyboardNot to mention that it is practically irreparable, it is bad news.