Lead a Holy Week step in this addictive cofrade game

If the games have a good thing, they reserve all the space for the imagination. What do you have a crazy and daring idea? Surely well oriented, and with appropriate mechanics, you can take that idea to a definitive and "playable" development. It is what happens with Boy, Because … Would it be possible to create a mobile game with which direct a step of the Holy Week in Seville?

We are a few weeks away from the most famous of the weeks, worth the redundancy. In Seville, millions of visitors will congregate to enjoy the multitude of steps that populate the streets of the city. Although it is not necessary to go to Seville to enjoy this tradition so entrenched since a mobile game gives you the possibility on the screen of your smartphone.

Boy It is a very curved and retro graphics game that allows you to direct a step taking control of the bearers so that they carry the image until the end of the itinerary. The route will be rugged, narrow, with traffic signs and, something well known by Sevillians, full of people. You will have to take everything into account for the costaleros Do not take anything ahead.

ChicoTaz is a very ingenious game set in Holy Week

Under the graphics of retro cut, and the cofrade music passed through the filter of the style «Chiptunes», ChicoTaz offers rough controls in appearance that perfectly handle the step that moves on the screen. The game has six steps and ten different itineraries for each step, all adapted from the Sevillan royal brotherhoods. The result is a mixture that surprises in the first game to end up hooking after the second.

The difficulty of taking the step to the end of the crossing is very complicated. Not only because handling controls requires some practice, but also because you cannot delay yourself in excess of time of coming from each level. Of course, as you exceed the levels, and earn stamps with it, you will have access to the rest of the steps and itineraries.

Boy It is a very well inspired game that is imbued with the Sevillian tradition, also in its way of speaking. It is not too extensive, although it is quite complicated. It includes 8-bit style sound, the graphics are simple and effective, the gameplay is very well achieved, the foreman's voices squander Sevillian character, it's very fun and also free. Of course, it includes a full screen ad between the achievement of some levels. Nothing to bother you too much.

The game is now available in the Google Play Store. And it is one of the most downloaded of the week; together with a very good average of criticisms, something we corroborate: ChicoTaz is a game that goes far beyond curiosity.