New version of the Monopoly game that can be controlled with the voice

Gradually the voice commands they reach different sections of current life, beyond the smart speakers (for example). Well, this is most clear because a version of the board game has been released Monopoly which allows to use this possibility.

The truth is that this shows that progress in the implementation of the use of voice to perform direct actions is increasing – because the effectiveness is excellent. So much so, that Hasbro He has decided to use it in one of his references in what has to do with board games (a market that is rising worldwide, and Spain is not exactly an exception). The case is that the version of Monopoly that recognizes voice commands is put on sale on next June 29 And, the truth is that at least it attracts attention as curious.

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The specific name of the new product variant we discussed is Monopoly Voice Banking, and maintains the basic rules that have long made this board game one of the most popular in the world (and, by the way, not everyone plays well when shopping and, therefore, the games are eternalized). The case is that the use of technology is added to this version, something that is not exactly usual in this type of games but that Hasbro has confirmed that he wishes to implement from now on in the usual way.

What can be done with the voice in this Monopoly

Because due to the options that are implemented, apart from recognizing the voice commands configured by default (among which you enter, indicate the result of the dice in case you have to pay something to a rival), also allow you to carry a statistics control of each user. Thus, for example, the money that has to be accounted for accurately – you can even ask about it – and you will know exactly who owns a property.

In addition, the same time is also the one used for card reading Luck and Community, so there is no space enabled for them (for this reason they are not included in the game box). Thus, the cheats will have a little more complicated in this version of Monopoly.

The element that recognizes the voice is located in the center of the board and has the top hat, the usual one that represents the game. It includes four microphones so that the sensitivity to recognize the voice is correct, and it is expected to be released progressively in different countries where the language is not English (it is first offered for sale in the US, by the way). It remains to be seen the reliability to offer – especially in places with a lot of noise such as parties – but the idea is quite good and innovative and, in addition, the price does not increase considerably since it remains in about 30 euros To the change. What do you think of Hasbro's idea?

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