OnePlus updates its launcher with much more privacy

OnePlus is one of the companies that has been good to put many of the system applications in the Google Play Store to be able to update them quickly and massively. One of the apps he put in the Google store was his launcher, the one that uses Oxygen OS, the version of the mobile system that he sells outside of China.

Today this application is updated by improving something that many users had asked the company for: more privacy in a section that needed it: the hidden space.

We can finally put password in the hidden space

Like other launchers and Android modifications, Oxygen has a section in which we can put hidden applications so that nobody sees them if you open the app drawer. The problem was that if someone knew where that section was, they could see what apps we had put there, and enter them.

In today's update we are finally allowed put a password for this area so that nobody who does not know it will be able to see what apps there are, and less enter them.

Cannot take screenshots

In this area it is also not allowed to take screenshots, to avoid knowing the apps that we have stored there. In addition the form of access to this section is extended.

The application update is available in the Google app store for all OnePlus mobiles but if it has not yet arrived and you want to use the password you can download the APK from APKMirror.