reasons to buy this smart speaker

During the last edition of Google I / O, the company based in Mountain View presented its new smart speakers Google Nest Hub and Google Nest Hub Max. While it is true that the most vitamin version is not going to reach our country, the great G has confirmed that Google's Nest Hub arrives in Spain. But, is it worth your purchase?

As we said, for now we will have the most decaffeinated model, but we are talking about a really complete solution that meets the needs of any user looking for a device of this type with a screen to get the most out of Google's voice assistant in the Nest Hub.

Google's Nest Hub is a smart speaker with integrated display

One of the reasons why buying the Nest Hub is a total success is its screen. In this case, we find a 7-inch panel that achieves a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and a density of 170 pixels per inch. These features translate into excellent image quality and meet the needs of any user.

The possibilities of the Hub Nest screen are incredible

Thanks to its 7-inch screen, we will be able to fully squeeze the possibilities of the Google smart speaker. For example, we can use it as a photo frame, taking advantage of the images stored in Google Photos, see recipes, our favorite channels What else can we ask for?

With Nest Hub, we will enjoy the benefits of Google Assistant

As expected, Google's smart speaker with screen comes with its integrated voice assistant. In this way, we will be able to maximize the possibilities of Google Assistant To, for example, use Chromecast remotely, activate any compatible device, such as light bulbs or smart blinds and much more.

Another very interesting detail is that, through the voice command Ok Google, good morning, the smart speaker will put you up to date with the most outstanding news, in addition to explaining how the traffic route to work is, pending appointments in the calendar and the weather forecast among other data of interest.

You can listen to music through its free services

Obviously, in a smart speaker we can listen to music, more will be missing. But it should be noted that if you buy the Google Nest Hub you get a gift three months free of YouTube Premium, so you can enjoy YouTube Music and Google Play Music without ads or cuts of any kind.

The price of the Google Nest Hub is really attractive

The icing on the cake so you don't hesitate at the time of buy the Google Nest Hub It comes with its attractive price: cost 129 euros in Spain. Taking into account the attractive design of this smart speaker with a screen, added to the large number of functionalities that will allow us to make the most of the benefits of the voice assistant of the American giant, and its groundbreaking price, you can not miss the opportunity to Take a unit home. That is, you must wait until June 12, the date on which the device will be on sale officially in Spain.