Save time on your multitasking with this great application launcher

Usually, any gesture, menu or application that allows us save some time It usually becomes habitual for those who use the smartphone a lot. Because, since most of the tasks are repetitive, when you go with some hurry it is appreciated to have shortcuts and gestures that accelerate the use. Y Sidebar 2 It is a good example of how easy it is to accelerate interfaces.

The developer of the application that we propose is no stranger to known applications since, apart from the first version of Sidebar, we have highlighted it on occasion with its other developments. And the one we recommend today is one of the best: with Sidebar 2 You can choose all the important apps for you and switch to them with a simple gesture.

Hide your essential applications on one side and launch them with Sidebar 2

It's not that the mechanics of hide an application launcher on the side be new as there are many apps that exercise this same function; Not to mention the custom manufacturer layers, which also usually include floating buttons. But not all are hidden in the same way or offer such lightness in installation or operation: Sidebar 2 It works really well. And it has really fluid animations.

What the application proposes is to choose the applications that you use most to place them in layer form that will overlap the rest of apps and desktops. Once the application is customized, just make a gesture from the side so that the layer is deployed with the chosen applications; having the option of accessing all applications with a second slipped, as Android does with the shortcuts in the notification area.

Sidebar 2 it allows you to select the extension of the unfolding area, if you want to deploy the bar from the left, right or both, it also offers you the option to opt for a dark theme or of course … What you can not do is choose the specific height at which to deploy the Sidebar, something that will surely introduce in future updates.

This application is new and works very well, at least if you like this kind of productivity apps. With it you can significantly accelerate multitasking since you will always have the most used apps within reach. Although it may bother you if you use the control gestures on your Android: the backward one may conflict with the deployment of the app bar.

You can download now Sidebar 2 from the Google Play Store. It is a free app and currently has no ads. It does say include purchases within the application without them still being active.