Several free Android applications on offer for a limited time

Surely you always intend to make the most of the smartphone or tablet What do you have. The best way to achieve this is to use appropriate software and we want you to get it without spending a penny of euro. For this we leave rods free Android apps in offer.

The developments we have chosen are promoted by Limited time, so it’s important not to let a lot of time go by to download from the Google store, because if this is not the case, you may not be able to enjoy the work that we think offers a good quality and that are quite varied among all those in the Play Store.

Android applications on your Mac? It is possible with an emulator and also free

The compatibility They offer all applications for Android is excellent, since the vast majority of the titles we propose can be used in terminals that are input range. Therefore, we talk about the possibility of using them in almost all devices with the development of Google in the market.

The Android applications we propose

These are the links that you should use to get all the options that we think are worth the ones that are on sale this week at the official Google store for Android.

Digital Dashboard GPS Pro

An application that allows you to track the activity carried out by GPS, whether riding or cycling. It offers a lot of options, such as the unit of measure and the truth is that if reliability is great. Perfect to combine with maps.

MSafe – Pro

One of the most interesting free Android applications of all the chosen ones, since it increases the security of use of the terminals in a quite effective way. Data encryption and security with several gateways is included. With it, you can say goodbye to insecurity easily.

Parallax Full HD, 4K, 3D animated wallpaper

This application allows access to a large number of wallpapers that offer a very high quality both for the designs they show and for the resolution (which fits with screens that support 2K). The theme of each option is varied, and the truth is that it is an excellent possibility to give a new air to your terminal.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro 2019

Are you looking to record the conversations you have with your phone? If so, this job is one of those that you don't have to miss. Simple to use and with a lot of options, it is undoubtedly one of the highest quality free Android apps of your choice.

Play edition

If you want to change the icons they use on your phone or tablet, and you have the development that allows you to do this, do not hesitate to try this one we leave. Its database is impressive, but always with a design reminiscent of Google's own applications. Very striking.

Ekstar Notes

FK Kernel Manager

3D Dollar Sign Live Wallpaper

Around Me – Image Recognition – Pro

Unit Converter Pro

If what you want is have fun Now that the holidays are coming, apart from the Android applications, you can download several games that are currently on offer in the Play Store.