Stardew Valley analysis, huge cross RPG with farm game

Few paid games have aroused as much interest before the arrival on Android as it did Stardew valley, an indie game that mixes various genres promising a complete management of the resources needed to raise a farm. He began his career in computers with great success; then landed on consoles; on iOS; and from this week we can already enjoy on Android.

Stardew Valley is not a regular farm game, even though you can create yours almost from scratch and meet the growing needs of this type of facility. It is also an RPG game; that drinks directly from the classics of the genre in 8-bit and 16-bit consoles. By playing Stardew Valley from your mobile you can move to the golden age of role-playing games. In fact, the Pixel Art graphic style It is one of the most characteristic aspects.

Do not be fooled by its simple appearance, nor by the huge pixels that abound in each of the screens: Stardew Valley is an extremely complex game It reserves you hours and hours of fun and entertainment. All without paying more money than the download costs and, of course, without having to suffer the ads. Further, you can continue with your computer game directly on your Android.

Stardew Valley is not a classic farm game

Defining as "farm game" the title at hand involves simplifying to a minimum part all that it offers since, although the main plot revolves around a farm, it has nothing to do with what mobile games offer. Hay Day or FarmVille, to give two well-known examples.

In Stardew Valley we will begin by abandoning the bland and busy modern world to move to a bucolic place surrounded by nature. From pollution to clean air; from the masses of people down the street to the almost uninhabited villages; to have everything in the supermarket that we have to produce. After the fun and entertainment that Stardew Valley gives underlies the moral that it is better to take it all easy going back to the origins. It is to start the game and you want to emulate the protagonist returning to the simplicity of life away from the big city.

Beyond moralistic lessons, Stardew Valley reserves a true arsenal of options that range from all the usual tools on a farm to the seeds and animals that are usually produced in these places. The inventories are huge, also the "crafting" options: combining different elements we will access new options that will enhance the farm or the skills of our protagonist.

All the classic elements of RPGs are found in Stardew Valley

We have to pick up elements or "poking around", we must make combinations between them, we can build, we need to relate to all possible individuals, establish relationships will reveal new secrets and challenges, the map is riddled with enigmas, there are also enemies that we will have to defend ourselves… We could say that Stardew Valley is a farm RPG raised to maximum power.

One of the drawbacks of the mobile version with respect to the computer version is that, at least for now, in Android we do not have access to multiplayer mode. The developers are working on unifying the mobile and desktop versions, but it is not yet known when the matching will occur. Just don't think Stardew Valley for Android (or iOS) is a reduced version of the game since It is exactly the same as desktop or console. In fact, you can import the game from the computer and play it on the smartphone.

How to import the computer game to Stardew Valley for Android

We pause the game analysis to explain the simplest way to exchange saved games. Since the games are the same between different platforms except for details such as the multiplayer option, it is possible to continue a game between different screens.

To exchange the games you must do the following:

  • Go to the computer and open a file browser.
  • Locate the route where the saved games are. On PC it is «% AppData% StardewValley Saves«; and on Mac is «~ / .config / StardewValley / Saves«.
  • You will see each of the games saved as a folder with the name of the character you created; with its different files inside.
  • Move the folders to your mobile storage, within «Stardew valley«, A folder that the game creates in the internal space of your smartphone.
  • To reverse the process and copy the games from the mobile to the computer you just have to copy the folders from the mobile route to the PC or Mac route, depending on what you are using to play.

It is not a very comfortable way since the transfer of files takes some time, but at least the developers maintain the same file system for games saved between mobile and desktop.

The graphics are not as simple as they appear

See any screen of Stardew valley invites you to go back in time to titles such as Zelda classic or key RPG on consoles, such as Illusion of Time or the first Final Fantasy. But you don't have to stay in the pixelated style and without excess of definition since the game often surprises with its quality graphic details, such as the town's street lamps at nightfall or the immense ability to transfer the style Pixel art all the elements that are seen on the map.

We can choose our appearance at the beginning, also how our protagonist will grow depending on the choices we are making. In fact, everyone in Stardew Valley adapts to our choices because is alive and at the mercy of the player. Choose to have a careful garden and surely your farm will thrive; You must also maintain relations with the people and their inhabitants as they are essential for progress.

Discovering each of the hidden secrets is a task that can last for hours. In a daily cycle that keeps day and night, with the scenarios that change according to the time of day adapting the weather to pixelated graphicsIn Stardew Valley it is often more fun to get lost on the map than to take care of our farm. In fact it is one of the keys to the experience and the one that lays the RPG base of the game.

The appearance is transferred as is from the computer to the smartphone screen, something that involves certain inconveniences. Control is not entirely pleasant, so it is always helpful to use a physical command. In addition, the menus are too small, something that makes it difficult to press. And it is the same with the texts: since it is an RPG, in Stardew Valley we will spend a lot of time talking with the characters that swarm the map. To read what they say correctly you have to have a certain view: the font size is small.

An immense adventure that adapts perfectly to each player

Stardew Valley is not a cheap game since 8.99 euros that costs They go out of pocket, especially if we consider that most Android games have no download cost, including the rest of farm titles. Although we already said that Stardew Valley goes far beyond the simple "farming": it's a 100% role experience. This makes exploring all its possibilities require not only hours of play, but also a lot of effort and time to unravel the mysteries. Stardew Valley is as far away as possible from being casual.

The amount of enigmas, mysteries and hidden secrets is enormous

Taking care of the farm and cleaning the land to cultivate will take a long time; Learning how inventories, currency and different combinations of crafting work also means dedication. Explore the whole map, the town next door, the caves, meet all the people, keep relationships high to reveal the curiosities of each person, exchange farm products, get money to improve … Stardew Valley is overwhelming.

It is one of those games that is worth every penny of what you invest in it. It is suitable for any user, whether someone who has not touched a classic RPG in his life and look to create your farm as an experienced user who wants a role-playing game that lives up to expectations.

Stardew Valley offers dozens of hours of play just to discover much of the secrets. In addition, it is constantly updated and updated: when the multiplayer mode comes to mobile phones, we can explore other farms, something that greatly expands the possibilities.

If you haven't played Stardew Valley, try it now. And if you have it on a computer, take the opportunity to play anywhere from your mobile

It is difficult to do at the beginning although the learning curve is well measured, it is one of those games in which you must do your part to not only advance in the progress of the story, but also in the evolution of the character and its environment. There is no tutorial at the beginning but a few steps to follow, so most of the experience it is based on self discovery. A great part of his magic also resides here.

Stardew valley It is a game of which there are few, especially on Android. Very extensive, perfect to play for a while or for hours, full of mysteries, challenges … In short, it is a game that gives much more of itself than anyone would expect for its price, it is worth much more than it costs.

Surely it does not disappoint you: if you give it a chance it will conquer you with its huge variety of options: it starts being a farm game and ends up opening the door to a universe for which you will want to lose yourself. Is awesome.